Tuesday, January 29, 2013

Young Women New Beginnings

New Beginnings:
Stars Theme (Something along the lines of 'you're a star when you stand in holy places')
Decorations Included:
-Christmas Lights around the room
-Room lights only halfway on
-Temple pics at entrances and main display table,
-Framed pictures of the 2013 theme (found on Pinterest)
-My church shoes with glittery stars in them (the whole "STAND" part)
-The temple was the goal here, so we displayed white daisies (also since the posters were so much color!)
-The posters with the values. The posters are available through a church site I'm sure. They were in the YW closet, but needed to "pop". I hung them with fishing line, tied into the corners of the posters (just poke a hole w/ a pushpin and carefully thread the fishing line and tie a careful knot, so as not to tear the poster-board. But attaching to the ceiling was really tricky to mount, but made a cool effect. Next time I would just attach a piece of ribbon to each corner, and string each side straight up and pin into the ceiling through the pin. The problem with fishing line is that it can slip through tape/pushpin anchors.
-A sister in the ward made tiles with vinyl lettering with the theme of the year to hand out to all the young women.

-Another ward had previously made this amazing wooden cutout of a temple (it's actually two pieces standing side by side-- think San Diego Temple here-- it's the closest! :)) - It has holes drilled into it all around the border, in which Christmas lights have been inserted. The wiring has been staple-gunned along the back to keep the lights in place. Was a cool effect